Guac Snobs

We don't apologise for being particular about our guacamole. We make it fresh every morning with Haas Avocados, fresh red onions and jalapenos with our secret blend of spices.

Vegetarian Heaven

All items on Tolteca's menu are vegetarian friendly (except for the meats of course). We've put a lot of effort into ensuring that all non-vegetarian ingredients are excluded while all of the goodness and taste is enhanced. Why not try Sobroso, our tasty home made soy protein to top things off!

Chicken with extra time

Tolteca's meat provider goes above and beyond as they know how much Toltecans love their chicken. That deep flavor only comes from them soaking the chicken for 48 hours in our home made marinade before it's delivered to us and grilled to perfection.

All Hail the Taco!

The taco may have a mysterious origin but tacos provide all kinds of cool ways to sample the menu. Soft or crispy, meat or veggie, there are endless combinations to try out.

Nutritional Value

Our bodies can tell the difference when we fill it right and convenient food can also be highly nutritious with the right ingredients and preparation. Toltecans like to be able to taste the constituent ingredients in every bite of goodness.
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